An interview with Evergen customer Jake from Bahrs Scrub, QLD

Young couple Jake and his wife recently built their first home in Bahrs Scrub QLD and it was a roller coaster of a journey. They were looking at ways they could increase the value of their house from the onset, reduce their costs, and have a positive impact on the environment. They were also wanting to take advantage of the Queensland sun and how that might power their home.  And that’s how they stumbled across Evergen Intelligent Control.

When building a new house nowadays, you can use technology to control a lot of systems remotely. 

“So if the air con is on and it has cooled down, but nobody’s home to actually turn it down, we can turn it off from our phone and monitor it.” 

Jake just raves about the Evergen app as a self confessed lover of data. 

“Every time I look at the app, I feel a sense of self satisfaction that we are saving money. I look at it 3-4 times a day.”

Living in a new suburb, it’s become quite the conversation starter having a smart solar and battery system. Jake installed 22 solar panels and an AlphaESS SMILE5 battery (5.7kWh).

“It’s a talking point with other couples our age that “We’ve got this. Have you got this yet? You should get it. It’s really good. It’s saving us $600 to $700 a quarter.” Add that up over 15 years, and it’s tens of thousands.”

Benefits of Evergen Intelligent Control for Jake

Having Evergen Intelligent Control has really allowed Jake and his wife to take control of their energy use, monitor savings and track their CO2 emissions. They can make decisions about consumption from afar. 

As a shift worker, when Jake is away at work, he can look at the app to see what’s going on in the household by way of energy consumption and still stay connected.


  1. With Evergen Intelligent Control added to his solar and battery system, Jake’s electricity bill is $50 to $200 in credit.
  2. Without this system, Jake’s electricity bills were $600-$800 per quarter.

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