An interview with Evergen customer Hayden from Ivanhoe, Victoria.

Hayden and his wife were one month into having their first child when they purchased a new property in Ivanhoe, Victoria. The house was large and luxurious featuring 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and a 5 car garage.

The house featured split level, open plan spaces, meaning the reverse cycle air conditioning was difficult to zone. Initially they opted to turn the heating off at night, but when baby Grace was born, there were no limits in helping her sleep well through the night.

In October 2018, Hayden and his wife installed a full solar and battery system with Evergen Intelligent Control including:

  1. Tesla Powerwall 2 (28kWh)
  2. 42 x LG solar panels

The young couple quickly saw a reduction in their electricity bills and felt good about improving their footprint on the environment. After all, they were parents now and this was important for future generations.

Benefits of Evergen Intelligent Control for Hayden

Having  Evergen with Hayden’s system has really allowed them to monitor how much and when their family consumes energy. And then make behavioural changes around that.

“This is such a large family home, bigger than anything we have lived in before. It’s totally electric which means our impact on the environment is so high and that’s something we wanted to reduce as new parents. Given our roof space was so vast, we were able to install 42 solar panels. In the winter we are using most of our power on heating but in the summer, we are generating excess energy that we’ve been able to sell back to the grid.”


  1. With solar, battery and Evergen Intelligent Control, Hayden’s electricity bills are $300 per quarter
  2. Without solar, battery and Evergen Intelligent Control, Hayden’s electricity bills were $720 per quarter


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