Get to know the ins and outs of our Intelligent Home Energy System to get the most out of it. Jump on board as we deep dive into how to make the most of our app.

While Evergen’s intelligent home energy system, which was developed by CSIRO, does most of the work for you, getting to know how the app and some of our algorithms and intelligent monitoring systems work will help you make most of it – and learn how to save on your power bill.

Understanding your savings

Aside from giving a real-time guide to your home’s energy use, and specifically, how much time your home is spending ‘off-grid’, the app helps track your savings.

While your electricity bill will be a clear indicator on the huge savings your investment is giving you, wouldn’t it be better not to have to wait for the bill to come in? The app estimates, based on your energy bill with and without solar – and your household energy use in the current period – your quarterly savings. We have found it’s a little incentive to keep smart with your energy use – and it’s always a great benchmark to beat in the following quarter!

Looking into the energy usage future

Don’t you wish everything in life had a forecast feature? You could see what’s coming, be prepared and act accordingly. This is one of the most insightful features on the app and will be your portal into the future of your home’s energy use each day.

The graph and numbers you will find in this section aren’t just made up. The system learns from over 40 data points including learning from your homes energy use in the past and the weather. The algorithm then plots out when, where and from what sources your home has been getting energy and will pull its energy in the hours that follow – and even make better decisions based on your energy storage and output based on that forecast.

Knowing your environmental footprint

In a world that is becoming more aware of individual impact, knowing how much greenhouse emissions you are saving is a key question for our customers, and therefore an important feature of our app. The great thing about solar is that it is a renewable energy. For every bit of solar energy you consume, you are off-setting the carbon released from fossil fuels. And like any good super-guide, the app calculates and updates your households per kilogram carbon reduction so that you can see the power of your renewable energy use in numbers!

Putting it all together

This guide is only scratching the surface on the capabilities of the app. Now that you know some of the features that will help you get the most out of your energy, contact [email protected] to install the app.

Already have the app? Let us know what you think are the most helpful features.

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