An interview with Evergen customer Lachlan from the Dandenong Ranges, VIC

In 2012, Lachlan, an Angligan Priest and Professor of Aerospace Engineering purchased the gorgeous bed and breakfast, Fernglade on Menzies in the Eastern Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. Just 50 minutes from the CBD, the homestead had operated as a getaway for busy Melbournites since 2000, equipped with stunning gardens and accommodation. 

Lachlan and his wife were not planning to continue their guest services but when two local wedding bookings were confirmed, they were thrown into the deep end.

For eight years, they ran their bed and breakfast, making significant investments on the property including an indoor pool and a commercial observatory. This contributed to the significant energy needs and running costs of the business.

Over the years, the property experienced almost weekly power outages that would sometimes last for 12-18 hours.

“Branches would fall on power lines and all of a sudden we had another power outage. This was very disruptive when we were trying to run a business. Customers would love the property but rate us down on booking platforms due to something that was out of our control. And with an observatory needing uninterrupted power, this was when we knew we had to do something about it.”

In May 2019, Lachlan installed a full solar and battery system with Evergen Intelligent Control.

  1. Alpha ESS battery (22.8kWh)
  2. 36 Jinko solar panels 

Benefits of Evergen Intelligent Control for Lachlan

When running a five star bed and breakfast, guests want to experience the comforts like reverse cycle air conditioning, hot tubs and an indoor pool. 

Lachlan has also been able to combine his aerospace engineering background with an observatory that guests have enjoyed, but is now contracted to the University of Texas, where Lachlan supplies hours of operational data and visibility every night.

“With how we use our property, we need protection from power outages and self sufficiency. Without this system we lose our site integrity.”


  1. With solar, battery and Evergen, Lachlan’s electricity bills are normally in credit, especially in the summer months.
  2. Without solar, battery and Evergen, Lachlan’s electricity bills were around $1000 per quarter.

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