An interview with Evergen customer Luke from Dyers Crossing, NSW

Just over a year ago, Luke finally settled on his dream with the purchase of his first 100 acre property in Dyers Crossing, 30km north west of the beach side NSW coastal town Foster. It was everything Luke was looking for. Perfect cattle grazing land with plenty of sun and rain. With an established three bedroom farmhouse, Luke commenced his outdoor projects to become more self-sufficient. 

One of his first purchases was cattle, investing in Steers to start his farm. As a first time farmer, he quickly found out that Steers are very mischievous so installed an electric fence to contain their movements.

With the bush fire season of 2019, the power to Luke’s farm was compromised. He experienced constant black outs which meant containing his Steers became a daily challenge, especially with the imminent threat of fires just 5km away. Grid stability in the area was also renowned for being unreliable so Luke needed a solution.

This is how Luke discovered the power of solar and home batteries. His family suggested he look at installing a solar and battery system with Evergen software to take back control of his paddocks.

“Every time the power went out, the Steers escaped from the paddocks, and quite simply, that was driving me crazy. Now I just flick a switch on my battery and can see if there is a power outage via the Evergen app from wherever I am. I love that peace of mind and not having to rely on the grid.”

In January 2020, Luke installed a full solar and battery system with Evergen Intelligent Control, including:

  1. Alpha ESS battery (10.3kWh)
  2. 16 x Sunpower panels

Benefits of Evergen Intelligent Control for Luke

Luke highly recommends a solar and battery solution for rural properties to maintain protection from grid instability and capitalising on their sun.

“I have all this sun, I may as well do something with it and keep my farm running at all costs.” 


  1. With solar, battery and Evergen Intelligent Control, Luke’s electricity bills are $75 per quarter
  2. Without solar, battery and Evergen Intelligent Control, Luke’s electricity bills were $300 per quarter

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