Battery technology and renewable energy resources go hand-in-hand. Whether it is being discussed in the media or at a BBQ, if you’re hearing one being discussed, we can guarantee the other will get a mention too.

Why? Because before battery technology, we weren’t able to utilise the full potential that renewable energy resources provide.

Power sources like wind and solar are not consistently generating power. With solar panels, for example, their prime time for generating power is during the day when the sun is at its strongest. Often that isn’t when your home’s energy demand is, so the home is not getting the greatest benefit from the panels.

But adding in a way to store the energy you are generating, to use later, makes these energy resources even more valuable.

Why you shouldn’t wait to invest in battery technology

While most people would agree that there is great value in battery technology, many believe that the return on investment is not there yet.

As with any new technology, the perception is to wait because the price is “bound to decrease”. Of course, with increases in demand and advances in production of the technology, the price will eventually decrease.

But the savings that you can make immediately by using solar, battery and smarts to generate and manage your energy are far greater than the savings you will make by waiting.

Let’s take a look at this over the next 15-year period. Assuming that your annual power bill is around $2400 and you’re installing a solar, battery and intelligent home energy system which costs $14,800 (we have this in market right now, check it out here). In that 15-year period you will see yourself spending only $12,947 on your energy bill.

Comparatively with solar alone, in that same time period, you will be spending $33,663.

You can view the full breakdown here:

Why else should you invest in battery technology?

Aside from the immediate savings benefit of adding battery technology, there are so many other reasons not to wait.

  • Backing up your home

The battery in both our Equinox and Solstice systems have the ability to back-up your home in the event of a power outage. The batteries act as back-up generators in the home, either powering the whole home or your elected primary circuits. And if the power outage is through the day, your solar panels will continue to recharge the battery to keep you home running.

  • Bypassing peak tariff prices

The battery, coupled with the intelligent algorithm, ensure you minimise the need to pay peak-tariff prices! While the algorithm is what learns from your behaviour and over 40 other data points to determine when you are using energy, and how much your home requires. The battery allows the system to store energy generated from the solar panels or from the grid (during off-peak tariff periods), to ensure you have enough supply to meet your home’s high-demand energy requirements during that more expensive tariff periods.

  • Allowing you to be less reliant on the grid

It’s the dream of the 21st-century family – to be able to cut yourself off from the national network and take back control of your energy.

In the same way that the battery enables the technology to forecast and optimise the energy being stored so you have free or cheap energy during peak period – it can help take you off-grid.

Our system is grid connected to ensure that the intelligence is making the most economical decisions for your home.

But depending on your home’s energy demands, the system can keep you running off-grid for long periods of time by simultaneously using and storing the solar power generated. The best part is, you can see when you have achieved this using our app.

Whether it’s the immediate savings or the fact that you are home is backed up with reliable and clean energy, battery technology is a game changer.

Are you ready to change the energy-game in your home? Request a quote today.

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