Australians should not have to wait for cheaper energy and a clean future. We have many of the tools we need today, and while our legislators are working on mid- to long-term problems, we can fast-track our progress with immediate and localised Virtual Power Plants (VPPs). 

VPPs offer Energy Retailers the opportunity to optimise grid operations, integrate renewable energy, provide valuable grid services, and create new revenue streams. Additionally, they contribute to the transition towards a more flexible, reliable, and sustainable energy landscape.

Evergen is an advanced energy management software platform that uses machine learning algorithms to optimise and digitise the use of renewable energy assets across the entire energy chain.
Evergen provides a platform for leading energy companies around the world to develop innovative solutions for advancing their energy infrastructure. We assist energy companies in implementing innovative solutions like VPPs that incorporate a diverse range of consumer assets such as solar panels, batteries, electric vehicles, air conditioning, and controllable hot water systems. Evergen’s expertise in integrations, AI optimisation algorithms, and consumer-facing applications, delivers advanced energy management solutions.

Our solutions have yielded significant benefits for energy companies and end users alike. Consumers now experience lower energy costs, leading to increased affordability and savings. The solutions actively promote the adoption of renewable energy sources, encouraging sustainable energy consumption practices.


How Evergen enabled VPPs work

Evergen has run 14 VPPs in Australia. Here’s how we do it.

We provide the management tools to visualise and analyse a fleet or an individual asset, billing management, acquisition and marketing services. We offer a connection and two-way communication between grid operators, consumers and distributed energy providers, harnessing these systems for improved value for all.

Our platform has an intuitive user interface that allows operators to view data on a whole fleet or individual assets in real-time. It also allows operators to access extensive reporting and triggered alerts based on asset performance. 

Overall our VPP management also includes customer acquisition and marketing services, customer billing management, incentive payments to customers, VPP marketing to new or existing customers, onboarding and enrolment of customers into VPP.

Powershop VPP

Powershop is a leading, next generation, online energy retailer. They are Australia’s first energy retailer to be certified 100% carbon neutral. Powershop were looking to develop their next VPP, taking on learnings from previous VPPs to bring greener energy solutions to their customers. The Powershop VPP creates an opportunity for customers to join a community of connected batteries, support the environment and be rewarded at the same time. Powershop identified the importance of battery aware technology to optimise home batteries that can support the stability of the grid and respond to the energy market through dispatch and charging. Evergen’s technology provided visibility and control over multiple battery brands enrolled in the VPP, and the ability to gather data to learn about usage patterns to further improve outcomes.


Ausgrid VPP

In August 2019, Ausgrid completed an open-tender for additional VPP providers to support them in the second phase of their VPP trial. Ausgrid’s VPP trial set out to identify how the grid can utilise renewables, maximise grid efficiency benefits and reduce costs for customers. Battery VPPs were identified as a service which had the potential to provide reliable, cost-competitive sources of demand reductions and voltage support services, helping to avoid or defer network investment. Background Evergen joined the second phase of the Ausgrid project with 80 participants that had joined the VPP. The scope of the project was to assess whether Evergen could provide a commercially and technically viable demand management option, utilising their fleet of existing residential customer batteries. Ausgrid’s VPP project sought to leverage the existing customer battery capacity of Evergen, alongside other VPP providers, and generate additional value to customers to support additional market uptake.

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