Energy as we know it is changing, we've done the innovation for you.

Site Optimisation

Our software predicts solar generation using both weather forecasts and historical data on what each individual site is going to do, and optimises against the grid.

Asset Management

Single pane visibility of all the assets within your fleet. Operators can assess how their assets are performing, forecast and analyse telemetry data to improve operational efficiency.

Energy Trading

Trade smarter with inbound price prediction, report generation, asset control and dispatch, FCAS bid management for desired hedge against the market.


External APIs allow you to own and operate a Virtual Power Plant consisting of multiple asset brands with secure pathways for communication and control.

VPP Management

Virtual Power Plant management provides the tools to visualise and analyse a fleet or an individual asset, billing management, acquisition and marketing services.

Battery & Inverter Commissioning

Seamless commissioning and onboarding solution for new battery and inverter assets into the Evergen fleet.

App & Portal Customisation

Evergen can customise our technology to support data needs and requests. We ensure your customer’s telemetry data is visible and configured in a customised app and portal.

Installer Management

End to end solutions for solar and battery pipeline management, sales and marketing workflows, installation, compliance and asset automation.